ESP and shock absorbers - a fateful affair...

Oily defective shock absorber covered with sand and dirtESP (Electronic Stabilization Program)

prevents skidding, e.g. when avoiding obstacles.
The ESP system is based on wheel speed measurements. If one of the wheels deviates, the ESP intervenes and brakes the wheel in a targeted manner. This will stabilize the car again.
However, if the wheels do not have 100% ground contact due to old or defective shock absorbers and "hop", the car can no longer be corrected properly by the ESP intervention. Tires that do not have a secure grip on the road cannot transmit steering or braking forces to the road.
But even without ESP, bad struts that make the tires jump are dangerous. The problem of traction and deterioration of the steering and braking function is just as explosive here. There is a guideline that poor shock absorbers reduce the damping performance by up to 20%. At 100 km/h this corresponds to about 7 meters more braking distance!