INFO INTERN: B6 the "yellow temtation" of BILSTEIN

Bilstein B6 shock absorber

B6 shock absorbers elicit additional power from your car. Compare to B4 dampers you will find B6 with a more sportive touch but without the need of spring-changing.

If you think this is not enough to choose B6, here you have more arguments on the subject of safety:

B6 dampers cater for better roadholding and stability while you are changing the lanes when the road is rutting and wet with rain. A delicate but common situation and B6 will master it perfect: You will find the contact to the lane smoother, you will not feel all the bumps and also the steering wheel has a smooth movement.

For Do-It-Yourself-market, hobby and craftsmen: B6 adjustable or sport are the right choice if you load your car more than usual.

B6 goes for sportiness but in a comfortable and family-friendly way.


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