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Shock absorber BILSTEIN B4

B4 gas pressure

INFO INTERN: Why BILSTEIN B4 shock absorber?

BILSTEIN is the 1.choice for Germany`s first class car constructors like Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, BMW and Audi for their production. That should give you confidence and faith for buying your own spare parts.

B4 dampers are also first class quality with market-leading technology and that means also save and comfortable for your car.

Beside this: New B4 shock absorbers are not "tougher" or "too tough" compare to yours. You feel a tougher driveability just because the interchange from old to new dampers. Old dampers let your car bob up and down and swing. B4 dampers make sure that your chassis gets the power of damping like a new car.


The perfectly matched accessories

Any shock absorber is only as good as the equipment around it. So when you’re replacing shock absorbers, make sure you have the right service parts. Replacing bump stops and dust tubes is an absolute must.

The product benefits at a glance:

  • All components designed to suit our BILSTEIN shock absorbers, down to the last detail
  • Wide range of support bearings for almost every type of car
  • Original BILSTEIN service parts with the high level of OEM quality that is expected from us